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Who we are?

BridgeMonte is born out of a passion to seek and spread the truth about investing and investments. We are a team of seasoned advisory professionals, who in our earlier avatars, have helped Ultra HNIs manage their wealth. Over their last two decades, the team at BridgeMonte had amply supported their clients in staying ahead of evolving markets, seizing the opportunities before others and managing the risks along the way. As a reward for our skill and intent, our team members were internationally recognized by the UHNI & HNI clients as being the Best Advisors in the Domestic Private Bank category in India, USD 1 Million & above, for five years in a row between 2009 to 2013 by Asia Money.

The team members at BridgeMonte are now focussed in bringing worlds best Wealth Management principles, processes, practices and products to Independent Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors & Organisations dedicating their lives to their esteemed clients.

What we do?

Advisory relationships can grow only when clients trust advisors` skill and intent. We help you build it, by assisting you in every facet of Wealth Management. Be it in your in-depth market and product research, estate planning, financial planning and wealth review, superior product and security selection, efficient execution, transparent value add reporting or anything else that will earn your client’s trust and confidence. Our one point agenda is to enhance your standing with the clients in every respect. So be it, if our gamut of services and product lines arranged and available in your identity, can help you stay ahead of even the best of Wealth Management firms in the country.

The team at BridgeMonte works relentlessly in developing efficient methods, so that you can save substantial time and cost in running and growing your practice, in a diminishing margin environment. Our intelligent and algorithmic processes can help each of your resource accomplish the work of ten. If you are wondering whether just a handful of your colleagues can help you scale and manage a lakh of clients with our platform, you are right about us. A day may soon come, when you can focus on the most productive activity viz client interactions, while leave everything else to us.

Our Services

White labelled platform

BridgeMonte’s approach in offering the PWM platform to you as a white-labelled ....

Paperless client onboarding and KYC

Acquiring a client involves initial ....

Financial planning

Look before you leap. Financial planning brings several future events of the ....

Multi-mode execution

Client`s schedules are getting busier and so are yours. The challenges of ....

Model portfolio led execution

If your best ideas are similar for clients of a given risk appetite ....

Access to investment products

Market opportunities and its risks are perceived differently by different clients.


A single picture can speak a thousand words. Why not with the way you share ....

Payment receipt services

The complexity of Fee management with respect to Financial Planning, Advisory ....

Model portfolios of stocks and funds

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could ....

Robo Advisory (Intellivest)

Imagine needing to calculate a million combinations to come up with one ....

Family office administration

What you do for your largest clients is often the key to the quantum leaps ....

Market timing models

Markets revert to mean. But to know when…is a like the hint for the Holy grail ....

Portfolio builder / Build your own strategy

Clients like to sometimes experiment and build their own portfolios.


Experienced advisors know the importance of recording all the facets of the relationship such that the most ....

Learn Centre

Most advisory is rooted in information arbitrage, between those who know and those who wish they knew

Custody services

Well-heeled clients prefer the convenience of having their investments executed in a trusted manner.

Estate Planning

Beyond the pleasures of creating wealth, the end goal for most individuals is to transmit to their next generation or charities.


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